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How to Wear Hight Waisted Pleated Pants, and Not Look Like A Goober

High waisted pants are trending and my new best friend, mostly because mom body is like a real thing, but more so because they just work better for my body type. I have a longer torso so to balance the top half with the bottom, without creating a “tall butt” all while not having to worry about flashing belly button or crack when hoisting babies around, is kind of an all around win for me.

I obvi love a higher waisted jean, but sometimes you don’t want to feel so constricted, or the weather is in cooperation and you need a lighter, flowier style and fabric. This is when I reach for a silk, cotton and linen blend trouser or short, and honestly, and I never thought I’d say this, with a pleated front. It tucks you in, camouflages any lumps or bumps and is a more tailored look for work or play.

Now there are a few things to look out for when styling my new favorite pant ; A.) looking like a 90’s mom goober, B.) adding bulk to an already troubled area C.) getting lost and losing your shape or looking sloppy in too much fabric. The most important styling tip I can lend anyone, any time, especially in this case, is exercise the french tuck. This works with just about any shirt, sweater or tank and any pair of pants shorts or even skirt. Just tuck a tiny front section of your shirt, either centered or pick a side, slightly into the waistband, don’t over think it. And before you ask, yes you can french tuck a sweater. ALWAYS WORKS. Helps point out that, yes, there is a waist here, solidifying those proportions you aim to define.

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Second, the trusty belt. If in doubt, cinch that waist further and wrap a contrasting belt around it to further accentuate your shape and style. Love any excuse for a bit of leather that can break up an otherwise monochromatic look. Because god knows it’s white on white, or cream on beige or something very similar to that color story in my closet these days.

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As for the overall silhouette and what to wear to compliment these trousers you cant really go wrong as long as the fit and tuck is on point. If you’re rocking killer arms, shoulders or décolletage, go fitted with a high or low neckline or a slim fit blouse, keeping covered and classy but still a bit feminine and sexy. Tuck it in all the way in to show off that teeny natural waist you’ve worked so hard to maintain. If you’re ballsy, have upper abs of steel and want to channel your inner Kendal Jenner, a cropped top/bra top, just skimming the top of that waistband will add a little youth to your look without looking trashy, more appropriate for weekend wear. Too risky? Then reach for the shorter boxier shirt or sweater that meet just perfectly in the middle.

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This look has a chic menswear feel but with power bitch sass. Don’t forget the hand in the pocket for the final F U and if you don’t follow me on pinterest, then you’re missing out on some glorious modern bohemian lifestyle inspo.

ciao for now!